VIDEOINFLUSSI was born in 2004 with the objective of promoting the distribution of art, cinema and new multimedia languages through the production of film and documentaries, festivals and meetings about the independent and ‘craft’ cinema. Videoinflussi follows the production of audiovisual works from the development to the distribution: documentaries, music videos, short movies, tv series, thanks to projects co-produced with national and international producers. The work that it produced had a great number of awards in Italy and elsewhere. Videoinflussi gives a lot of importance to social projects through master classes and cinematographic projects on environmental and social issues. Since 2005 Videoinflussi produces and directs the Volcano Film Festival – craft cinema festival – with the Artistic Direction of Peppe Cammarata. The Volcano promotes a cinema that gives importance to ideas, to the authorial aspect, to inventive production skills, instead of supporting the industrial works with high budgets. The festival has five sections: a short movie contest, a section of first and second films by young authors, a retrospective on a known ‘craft’ cinema author, a practical workshop, an audio/video live performing area.

in collaboration with ZEIT

ZEIT is a Sardinian cultural association born with the main target of promoting contemporary languages in Arts, Performance, Choreography, Theatre and Cinema. Structured in different aspects, organization and production, ZEIT support artists, directors and dancers to develop their own research. Also works on Festival organization, specifically in crossing languages and site specific projects. In 2011 ZEIT, in collaboration with the performing art group Santasangre and with the logistic sustain of Kollatino Underground, organized in Rome ISTANTANEE – visioni di danza e performance, an international festival of performing Arts, with an incredible and surprising enthusiasm by critics and audience. The festival will be replied in 2013. The artistic line up comes from Maria Paola Zedda, performer, choreographer and director, which is interest is focused on intersection between contemporary arts, performance and cinema.

Team Across the vision film festival

Artistic Direction: Maria Paola Zedda

in collaboration with: Alessandra Di Pietro, Stefano Galanti, Claudia Marelli, Peppe Cammarata

Executive Direction: Alessandra Di Pietro

Organization: Serena Gramizzi, Maria Paola Zedda, Ilaria Braghese

Comunication: Ilaria Braghese

Promotion: Stefania Zaganelli

Film Manager: Giulia Cesarini

Graphic Designer: Giovanni Binel

Press agency: Maya Reggi, Raffaella Spizzichino