Across the vision is a festival dedicated to cinematographic works related with borders, in a linguistic and geographical sense. The Festival would like to promote a cinema able to show the edges, explore the limits of languages, look at the borders of images, at the obscure characteristic of vision. Across the vision, this year at its first edition, has the main target to cross different aspects of movie production, showing a wide and open program with independent and experimental works, features by consecrated directors, latest in cinema, rare to find in common Italian distribution. The festival also explores the languages by contemporary artists interested in cinema productions. The Festival is supported by Regione Sardegna and Geomining Park of Sardinia with the main proposal to promote the cinematographic culture in this territory. In fact, an important characteristic of this young festival is the relationship with the territory that hosts it: an island, a land of border located at the centre of Mediterranean Sea, crossroad of peoples in ancient and modern times, isolated and proud of its specific cultural identity. That’s why Across the vision also selected features by international directors interested in its fascinating image. The Festival would also like to promote local and independent cinematography.

More strictly, the Festival will be located in the country of Sulcis Iglesiente, in the Geomining Park, a UNESCO world heritage, a wild and beautiful land rich of abandoned and reconverted mining towns. With its unknown and isolated territories. The Festival also aims to promote Park territory as location for next international productions and aims to give value to its process of transformation as cultural source. Across the vision aims to answer to the need of learning, by Sardinian young directors and writers. That is why we thought to propose a cycle of master classes, practical and theoretical, structured in 2 days, located at the University of Cagliari and in an ancient mine, Carbosulcis, now C.I.C.C. – Centro Italiano Cultura del Carbone (Carbonia), an extraordinary, powerful and evocative location.